Crude oil / ethanol – DOT/TC 407 – quad wagon – steel

Standard capacity of 32 000 L, 1 compartment, round, double conique. Intraax suspension, aluminum wheels

  • “In transit” or vapor heat systems available.
  • Choice of tires, suspensions, rims, etc.
  • Available round or double conical.
Technical specifications
VesselOne compartment 32 000 L nominal
316/316L, 3/16” 2B
3 full chemical type 31/6/316L – ¼” HRAP
Betts 8310LCX, 20 ‘opening
StructureStainless steel internal flat bar stiffeners – fully welded to tank
Stainles steel crossmembers and outrigger,s stainless steel sills
Technical specifications
EquipmentBelly mounted T304 pump cabinet, two doors each side and halogen lamp
4” operated stainless steel butterfly valves
Air controls for outlet and vapour valves
4” pump off line to front
Fort Vale pressure relief
3’’ vapor line compartment with air open/spring close valve
Fittings for Titan level gauge
Running gearIntraax AA250T
Same inner and outer bearings
ABS system: Meritor-Wabco
Aluminum disc, hub piloted, 10 holes, 8.25 x 24.5
Aeolus HN-08
Turntable steering dolly
2B finish oil field type fenders with upper surfaces sloped
AccessoriesAluminum hose tube 8” dia x 21’ long
Grote LED
Heavy duty hose hanger
Grommet mount