Petroleum – DOT/TC 406 – western style b-train – 5 compartments

33 500 LITRES

63 500 Litre/ 5-compartment Lead and Rear Trailer ‘B’ combination. (Eastern Configuration)

  • Five axle Intraax air ride suspension system.
  • Complete Bottom Loading and Vapour recovery systems.
  • Choice of compartment capacities, cabinets and hose carriers.
Technical specifications
CodeTC-406 specifications
Capacity32 500 Litres lead trailer and 31 000 Litres rear trailer
DesignElliptical oval in 3/16” and ¼” aluminum alloy 5454-H32 Heads are dished and flanged aluminum alloy 5454-HO Mill Finish Max. temperature 50 degrees Celsius
Tank frame3/8” extruded aluminum sills, outriggers and crossmembers
Manhole coverBetts PAF 9000 assemblies 16”
Outlet valveBetts 4” alum. air-operated emergency valves with operator and emergency release valve Discharge through 4” openable adaptors
Bottom loadingFlotech thermo-optic sensors and Scully socket in a protective box
Vapour recoveryBetts 3 ½” vents with hoods and piped to vapour rail
CabinetAlum. 24” x 26” x 34” on lead unit
FenderAluminum rolled with white mudflaps
LadderAluminum telescopic located betweeh units
BumperOn rear unit only. Alum. to TC-406 requirements
Technical specifications
Lights and wiringGrote wiring and lighting system
Nose box7-prong plug and air connections 18” up front head center
Fall restraintLanyard fall restraint system on inside of overturn rail
Fifth wheel plateHeavy duty 3/8” steel, bolted to frame
Landing gearAluminum with 10 year warrenty (lead and pup)
Suspension & axleIntraax AAT
WheelAlcoa aluminum ultra live LVL-One disc wheels, 10 hole, hub piloted
TireYokohama R4587 14 PR
Brake16 ½” x 7” to CMVSS standards using Wabco RSS Plus 45/2M
Rear deck of leadHigh tensile steel I-beam with Kompensator fifth wheel
PaintingSteel parts sandblasted, primed and painted urethane grey
AccessorieTwo – 7” x 20’ alum. hose tubes on each trailer Placard holders 1202/1203 flip type on each trailer Conspicuity markings as required by Transport Canada