Tank trailer & tank truck

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Our stainless-steel tanks are built to carry all placarded chemical products adapted to the CFR 49 section 172010 requirements from the hazardous material table

Dry bulk

Built for the transport of dry bulk products: flour, sugar, plastic pellets, powdered cement, lime, depending on the product you transport, the interior finish and the equipment may vary.

Food grade liquid

You transport milk, juice, water, syrup, chocolate or other food products, with us you will have a product specially designed for your needs. 3A certification, our sanitary tanks go beyond the North American standards.

Hot products

Built for the transport of hot asphalt and other hot industrial products. These tanks are built to transport impressive volumes safely and adequately.


Gasoline, diesel, crude oil, fuel oil, lubricants and jet fuel are just a few petroleum products transported in our DOT / TC 406 & 407 tanks. Our tanks go beyond the safety standards required in North America.


Tremcar manufactures propane bobtails for the Canadian and Latin American markets. We have a basic model with standard specifications, manufactured to meet the needs of the energy transportation companies.


We manufacture truck mounted tanks for all types of products: food, fuel and petrochemicals are just examples. We deliver the tank with or without installation & equipment on a truck.


Our vacuum units are designed for the specific needs of cleaning the environment. Dangerous fluids spills, delicate excavation jobs, sumps and sanitary sewers are some areas where our highly specialized units are designed to work hard.