Boston tank truck

DESIGN: Deep dished, semi rectangular heads and baffles for strength and a low profile center of gravity. Baffle openings are offset and reinforced to prevent product surge. A wide selection of head sizes allows custom fabrication to chassis wheelbases.

Single Axle: .250 bottom, .313 extruded mounting subframe, .250 heads & baffles, .187 sideshells & top

Tandem Axle: .313 bottom,.313 extruded mounting subframe, .250 heads & baffle, .187 sideshells & top

  • “In transit” or vapor heat systems available.
  • Choice of tires, suspensions, rims, etc.
  • Available round or double conical.
Technical specifications
CODE:All tanks built to DOT 406 specifications / ASME “U” Stamp and National “R” Stamped certified
CAPACITY:400 to 6000 USG
TANK MOUNTINGS:. 313 extruded wide base rails with retainer flanges to hold hardwood or rubbers sills
BOTTOM LOAD – VAPOR RECOVERY:Top and bottom loading systems available. Vapor recovery equipement to meet Federal/State regulations. Split compartment tanks with double bulkheads for oil and gasoline loads.
CABINETS:Hand crafted, embossed and reinforced for strength. Many sizes and configurations available.
Technical specifications
PUMPING EQUIPMENT:Variable pumping speeds, automatic throttle controls, pressure relief valves. Rear vernier flow control increases engine speed from idle to pumping. Pressure relief controls for pumps and associated pumping equipment.
FENDERS:Heavy duty “Jeep” style fenders
LADDERS:Wide front and rear ladders w/large top step landing for safety.
BUMPER:The rear DOT 406 bumper consists of .250 steel rectangular tubing built into the truck frame with .250″ frame pan. Standard width is 78″ with an option for 96″
FALL RESTRAINT:Available per customer request
HOSE REELS:Boston Steel polished stainless steel No. 2000 single wrap reel. Twin reel system for small and large drops from the same tank (or mixed loads). Three wrap reel.