Job Summary:

As an Inspector for Tremcar USA you will work with the product team to finalize the production of petroleum cargo tank trailer. Tremcar USA is currently specializing in the production of Aluminum TC and DOT 406 petroleum cargo tanks. The company has the capabilities to adapt as the demands of the markets change. Your main focuses will be the end of line inspection to determine all operation of the trailers are in proper working order, perform the required test to comply with DOT and/or TC standards and make any last-minute corrections to ensure that we provide our customers with a quality product.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Program trailers ABS system and troubleshoot/ repair as needed
  • Test trailer brake response times and troubleshoot/ repair as needed
  • Perform external visual inspections and make repairs as needed
  • Perform proper pressure test and make repairs as needed
  • Perform proper leak tests and make repairs as needed
  • Perform DOT required inspection
  • Accurately document all test results
  • Inform the Quality Control Manager of reoccurring issues so corrections can be made to production

Minimum Job Requirements:

  • Must have excellent attendance
  • Self-Motivated and willing to work daily (currently 40-45hr work weeks)
  • Ability to interpret and follow written procedures
  • Experience in trailer/trucking industry. Cargo tank experience is preferred but not required
  • Ability to interpret prints and schematics
  • Bending, lifting, sitting, standing, and climbing ladders for 10 hours/day
  • Willing to work on elevated surfaces and confined spaces as needed
  • Ability to be productive in both solo and group work environments

Welding Qualifications:

When the candidate is ready to take their welding test for Inspection, they will be required to take the following weld test :

  • 6G Mig Aluminum
  • 6G Tig Aluminum
  • 2G Horizontal Mig Stainless Steel