• He is responsible for reading plans and specifications for the assembly and welding of the various components of the tank.
  • He must ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with the required quality criteria.
  • He must perform any other related task requested by his immediate superior.
  • Must have excellent attendance
  • Read a tape measure
  • Read and understand blueprints
  • Hand Layout parts for; Brake Press, Shear, Saw Cutting, Ext. (when needed)
Machine Processes Used:
  • We will train a candidate for the following positions
  • Candidate must have some basic knowledge of at least 50% of the equipment below to be considered :
    • 20’ 500 Ton Cincinnati Brake Press
    • 10’ 250 Ton Alsteel Brake Press
    • 10’ Alsteel Shear
    • 100 Ton Iron Worker
    • 18” Horizontal Band Saw
    • 25’ CNC Hypertherm Plaz Table
    • 25’ Seam Welder
    • 25’ Roller
    • 4’ Roller
    • Ring Roller
    • Flanger Machine
    • Small Hand Air Tools
    • Tow Motor License (We will qualify candidate)
    • De Dross Parts as needed